Live Deception Flash Jigs

Stay versatile with the new LIVE DECEPTION FLASH JIGS ©. Each realistic baitfish pattern of the Live Deception Jigs is now enhanced by a highly reflective finish which emulates flashy fish scales. This new key feature gives gamefish something extra to hone in on and sets these jigs apart from the rest. The wire through body design allows you to confidently cast even the smaller jigs at larger gamefish.

Available in six different sizes for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Produce an enticing side-to-side action with a steady retrieve or raise and lower your rod tip to get a flashy fluttering action that mimics a wounded baitfish. You can bounce these jigs along sandy bottoms for bottom fish and flatfish, in freshwater for lake trout and salmon, and deep structure for largemouth bass and walleye.



Available in 4 colors: Anchovy (AC), Sardine (SD), Blue Mackerel (BM), and Green Mackerel (MK).

Model # Description Weight Treble Hook Size
LF-05-AC Anchovy 1/2 oz 6
LF-075-AC Anchovy 3/4 oz 6
LF-1-AC Anchovy 1 oz 4
LF-2-AC Anchovy 2 oz 2
LF-3-AC Anchovy 3 oz 1/0
LF-4-AC Anchovy 4 oz 2/0
LF-05-BM Blue Mackerel 1/2 oz 6
LF-075-BM Blue Mackerel 3/4 oz 6
LF-1-BM Blue Mackerel 1 oz 4
LF-2-BM Blue Mackerel 2 oz 2
LF-3-BM Blue Mackerel 3 oz 1/0
LF-4-BM Blue Mackerel 4 oz 2/0
LF-05-MK Green Mackerel 1/2 oz 6
LF-075-MK Green Mackerel 3/4 oz 6
LF-1-MK Green Mackerel 1 oz 4
LF-2-MK Green Mackerel 2 oz 2
LF-3-MK Green Mackerel 3 oz 1/0
LF-4-MK Green Mackerel 4 oz 2/0
LF-05-SD Sardine 1/2 oz 6
LF-075-SD Sardine 3/4 oz 6
LF-1-SD Sardine 1 oz 4
LF-2-SD Sardine 2 oz 2
LF-3-SD Sardine 3 oz 1/0
LF-4-SD Sardine 4 oz 2/0