GLOW HOOK Rainbow Skin Sabiki Rigs

Ahi USA’s new GLOW HOOK Series Sabiki Rigs emit even more glow power than any ordinary Sabiki Rig. The vibrant glow hooks are especially effective when fishing in low light or low visibility conditions and entice more bait fish to bite. These Sabiki Rigs feature all the same high quality components you will find on an Ahi USA Sabiki Rig, such as Ball Bearing and Crane Swivels designed to minimize line kinks and twist. Other details include sharp high quality hooks, super strong low visibility NYLON CHIP leader material, green glow beads and red flash beads.




Model # Description Main Line/ Branch Line Test Hook Size
SB-201GH Glow Hook Rainbow Skin 12/8 lbs 14
SB-202GH Glow Hook Rainbow Skin 15/10 lbs 10
SB-203GH Glow Hook Rainbow Skin 20/15 lbs 6

Additional information

Hook Size

14, 10, 6