Honorable Catches

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Taj T.

Taj landed this monster 201 lb Bluefin Tuna off of the coast of San Diego, California while jigging the Ahi USA Assault Glow Jig.

Products Used:  Ahi USA Assault Diamond Jig 10oz Glow rigged with owner 5x wire treble hook and 200lb leader.

Kyle Masaki

Kyle landed this nice Tuna jigging the Deception jig while fishing in SoCal waters.

Products Used:  Ahi USA Live Deception Jig 4oz Sardine

Jason Schulze

Jason landed this yellow fin tuna while paddy hopping aboard the Ocean Odyssey down in Mexican waters. While everyone was fly lining bait hoping it would swim toward the paddy that was about 40′ from the boat Jason was able cast out beside it. After about 4 seconds of letting the jig sink, the spool stopped and he knew he was on.

Products Used:  Ahi USA Assault Diamond Assist Jig 4oz Silver Flash