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Sabo Jig Heads

Model # SHF
Sabo Jig Heads are 2X the size of standard jig heads without the extra weight. A large head-per-weight ratio offers anglers a more uniform and natural look, without the added weight of an all leaded jig head. A slower sink rate is perfect for drawing strikes on suspended and mid-water column fish. Impact resistant acrylic outer shell features authentic fish detail and vibrant colors to suit a variety of baits and conditions. Razor sharp point assures a solid hook set. Rig with swimbaits, grubs, twin tails, and other plastic lures.
Model #DescriptionWeightHook Size
SHF-1-BRBrown3/8 oz6/0
SHF-2-BRBrown1/2 oz6/0
SHF-3-BRBrown3/4 oz7/0
SHF-4-BRBrown1 oz8/0
SHF-5-BRGreen1.5 oz8/0
SHF-1-GRGreen3/8 oz8/0
SHF-2-GRGreen1/2 oz12/0
SHF-3-GRGreen3/4 oz12/0
SHF-4-GRGreen1 oz8/0
SHF-5-GRGreen1.5 oz8/0
SHF-1-PKPink3/8 oz12/0
SHF-2-PKPink1/2 oz12/0
SHF-3-PKPink3/4 oz8/0
SHF-4-PKPink1 oz8/0
SHF-5-PKPink1.5 oz12/0
SHF-1-RBRainbow Trout3/8 oz12/0
SHF-2-RBRainbow Trout1/2 oz12/0
SHF-3-RBRainbow Trout3/4 oz12/0
SHF-4-RBRainbow Trout1 oz12/0
SHF-5-RBRainbow Trout1.5 oz12/0
5/0 3X Wire Hook