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Sabo Heads > Sabo Bullet Head
Sabo Bullet Head
Sabo Bullet Head

Sabo Bullet Head

Model # SHB
Sabo Bullet Heads are 2X the size of standard jig heads without the extra weight. A larger head-per-weight ratio offers anglers a more uniform and natural look, without the added weight. Sabo Bullet Heads feature a potent glow-in-the-dark outer shell that can be seen in even the toughest of conditions. Realistic detail gives this proven classic a "fishy" makeover. Equipped with razor sharp hooks for a solid hook set. Rig with single tail and twin tail grubs, worms, eels, and swimbaits.
Model #DescriptionWeightHook Size
SHB-1Glow1/2 oz3/0
SHB-2Glow3/4 oz5/0
SHB-3Glow1 oz8/0
SHB-4Glow1.5 oz9/0
5/0 3X Wire Hook