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Live Deception Jigs

Model # LDJ- AC, SD, BM, MK
Live Deception Jigs are the result of the latest technology in image transfer and laser printing. This new revolutionary process transfers real images of live baitfish directly onto the jig body. The result is an extremely realistic finish that is certain to fool even most picky game fish. The laser transfer process not only produces the very highest level of detail and accuracy, but also makes one of the most chip and peel resistant finishes available. Jig, troll, or cast Live Deception Jigs are incredibly versatile and are extremely effective on just about any and all species of gamefish. The Performance-tuned action mimics live baitfish and transmits vibrations fish can't resist. Live Deception Jigs are built incredibly tough and feature solid welded rings, 3X Mustad hooks, wire-thru rigging, and heavy duty split rings. Available in 4 colors: Anchovy (AC), Sardine (SD), Blue Mackerel (BM), and Green Mackerel (MK).
Model #DescriptionWeightTreble Hook Size
LDJ-1-ACAnchovy1 oz4
LDJ-2-ACAnchovy2 oz2
LDJ-3-ACAnchovy3 oz1/0
LDJ-4-ACAnchovy4 oz2/0
LDJ-5-ACAnchovy5 oz2/0
LDJ-6-ACAnchovy6 oz3/0
LDJ-8-ACAnchovy8 oz3/0
LDJ-1-BMBlue Mackerel1 oz4
LDJ-2-BMBlue Mackerel2 oz2
LDJ-3-BMBlue Mackerel3 oz1/0
LDJ-4-BMBlue Mackerel4 oz2/0
LDJ-5-BMBlue Mackerel5 oz2/0
LDJ-6-BMBlue Mackerel6 oz3/0
LDJ-8-BMBlue Mackerel8 oz3/0
LDJ-1-MKGreen Mackerel1 oz4
LDJ-2-MKGreen Mackerel2 oz2
LDJ-3-MKGreen Mackerel3 oz1/0
LDJ-4-MKGreen Mackerel4 oz2/0
LDJ-5-MKGreen Mackerel5 oz2/0
LDJ-6-MKGreen Mackerel6 oz3/0
LDJ-8-MKGreen Mackerel8 oz3/0
LDJ-1-SDSardine1 oz4
LDJ-2-SDSardine2 oz2
LDJ-3-SDSardine3 oz1/0
LDJ-4-SDSardine4 oz2/0
LDJ-5-SDSardine5 oz2/0
LDJ-6-SDSardine6 oz3/0
LDJ-8-SDSardine8 oz3/0
Mustad 3X Wire Treble Hook
Real Baitfish Image Print