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Assault Diamond Jigs

Model # DJ-SF, Mk, OR, GL, BL
Assault Diamond Jigs come with a state of the art 3-D holographic reflective finish. The Assault pattern emulates fish scales, giving it a much more realistic presentation. This same finish protects the paint from chipping and flaking. The addition of glow eyes makes the jig look fishier than ever before and is sure to get noticed even in the lowest light conditions. Assault Diamond Jigs catch just about every species of gamefish from Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut, and Tuna in the Pacific, to Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod, and Tuna on the East Coast. Fishermen in the Gulf use Assault Diamond Jigs to score Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, and King Mackerel.
Model #DescriptionWeightTreble Hook Size
DJ-1-BLBlue Bass1 oz4
DJ-2-BLBlue Bass2 oz1
DJ-3-BLBlue Bass3 oz1/0
DJ-4-BLBlue Bass4 oz2/0
DJ-6-BLBlue Bass6 oz3/0
DJ-8-BLBlue Bass8 oz3/0
DJ-10-BLBlue Bass10 oz5/0
DJ-12-BLBlue Bass12 oz 5/0
DJ-14-BLBlue Bass14 oz 7/0
DJ-1-GLGlow1 oz4
DJ-2-GLGlow2 oz1
DJ-3-GLGlow3 oz1/0
DJ-4-GLGlow4 oz2/0
DJ-6-GLGlow6 oz3/0
DJ-8-GLGlow8 oz3/0
DJ-10-GLGlow10 oz5/0
DJ-12-GLGlow12 oz 5/0
DJ-14-GLGlow14 oz 7/0
DJ-1-MKMackerel1 oz4
DJ-2-MKMackerel2 oz1
DJ-3-MKMackerel3 oz1/0
DJ-4-MKMackerel4 oz2/0
DJ-6-MKMackerel6 oz3/0
DJ-8-MKMackerel8 oz3/0
DJ-10-MKMackerel10 oz5/0
DJ-12-MKMackerel12 oz 5/0
DJ-14-MKMackerel14 oz 7/0
DJ-1-ORBaby Red1 oz4
DJ-2-ORBaby Red2 oz1
DJ-3-ORBaby Red3 oz1/0
DJ-4-ORBaby Red4 oz2/0
DJ-6-ORBaby Red6 oz3/0
DJ-8-ORBaby Red8 oz3/0
DJ-10-ORBaby Red10 oz5/0
DJ-12-ORBaby Red12 oz 5/0
DJ-14-ORBaby Red14 oz7/0
DJ-1-SFSilver Flash1 oz4
DJ-2-SFSilver Flash2 oz1
DJ-3-SFSilver Flash3 oz1/0
DJ-4-SFSilver Flash4 oz2/0
DJ-6-SFSilver Flash6 oz3/0
DJ-8-SFSilver Flash8 oz3/0
DJ-10-SFSilver Flash10 oz5/0
DJ-12-SFSilver Flash12 oz5/0
DJ-14-SFSilver Flash14 oz 7/0
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