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50 Series Cast Nets
50 Series Cast Nets

50 Series Cast Nets

Model # CN-53, 54, 545, 55, 56, 57, 58
The 50 Series Cast Nets feature chip resistant vinyl coated steel weights, which have been treated and tested for performance and durability. These nets feature Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting, 3/8" square mesh, 80 lbs test braille lines, and 3/4 lbs of weight per foot. A 24 ft handline is secured with a heavy-duty anodized swivel. Each net is packed in a resusable hard plastic container.
Model #DescriptionMesh Size Net Size
CN-5350 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono3 ft
CN-5450 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono4 ft
CN-54550 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono4.5 ft
CN-5550 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono5 ft
CN-5650 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono6 ft
CN-5750 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono7 ft
CN-5850 Series Cast Net3/8" Mono8 ft
1"- 5" Bait
80 lb Test
Premium UBE Chip Monofilament
24 ft