Ed “Matame” Zamora has been hooked on fishing since the age of 7. Fishing grew to become a passion as his competitive nature pressed him to always try and out-fish his Dad and brother even as a youngster. Ed’s top 2 favorite target species are Halibut and Dorado.

Ed has won first place and placed 3 other times in the Marina Del Halibut Derby and has won numerous Kayak tournaments up and down the West Coast. What Ed enjoys the most today is introducing new anglers to the sport of fishing and sharing the excitement that this sport has blessed him with.

Favorite Products: “My favorite Ahi product is the Ahi Glow Assault Jig because this jig has caught me more White Seabass than any other lure I’ve fished.” “Second would be the Ahi Squid Squirts, these rigs are deadly for Rockfish and Lingcod, it’s limits every time with these!”

Vessels: 19FT Wellcraft, Malibu XFactor




Captain Dave Hansen is a 100Ton USCG Master License holder and a self confessed fishing fool. He has his Dad mostly to thank for all of that. He grew up at San Clemente Sport Fishing where his Dad started his 70 year long career in the industry. His earliest memories are not of riding his bike with friends, but instead chasing bait around in the receiver.

Thirty something years later, after Captaining many of the local sport boat’s on the West Coast, Private Yachts, Deliveries to Mexico and beyond, he is still loving what he does and doing what he loves.

All those years of experience have now culminated into Captain Dave’s Saltwater Guide Service. He is a captain for hire as well as runs private charters aboard the Wild In Sac out of Dana Point, Ca. With his captain skills you have access to every bit of his fishing knowledge that he has scrubbed decks for, bowed to his predecessor captain’s for and stayed up night after night to learn.

You can listen to him talk fishing and boating on Let’s Talk Hookup Radio Show every Sunday between 8-8:15am!

Favorite Product:  Going out and limiting out on lobster using the Promar Ambush XL hoop net is definitely something Dave looks forward to every year.

Website: Your Saltwater Guide



Ben Alexander is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain.

Growing up along the Southern California Coast allowed Captain Ben Alexander to become very familiar with the Pacific Ocean from a very young age. He grew up fishing, diving, and spearfishing the waters along the Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego County coast. As a certified SCUBA diver he has logged over 500 dives in SoCal as well as exotic places all over the world.

Ben has been running Natalie Ann Sportfishing Charters out of Southern California and Baja Mexico since 1998. If you are looking for an experienced captain to put you on the fish or lobster then look no further.

Favorite Products: Captain Ben’s favorite product is the Promar Ambush XL Hoop Net. The large volume hoop net maximizes catch ratio and provides a versatile approach to lobster charter services. When the lobster are in shallow water the Ambush is light and easy for clients to do multiple pulls without getting fatigued. When we have to make our way to deeper water we simply add weight to the Ambush and have no problem fishing 300+ feet.

Vessel: 26′ Striper Walk Around

Website: Natalie Ann Sportfishing

Shawn Grimm

Shawn has been fishing California since coming to the state at the age of 2.  While family activities prevent him from getting on the water as much as he would like, his fishing nowadays usually involve being on a kayak somewhere offshore. He has been on the Promar & Ahi staff for about 5 years now, and can rarely be found fishing saltwater without his Ahi sabiki stick or Assault and Deception jigs, which have landed his picture in Western Outdoor News on more than one occasion.  When he is not on the water, Shawn is building rods to scratch the fishing itch when family activities keep him off the water for too long.

Favorite Product:  Ahi Sabiki Stick, Assault Jigs and Live Deception Jigs.  Some of the most fun he has had has been playing with Yellowfin Tuna on a Blue Bass Assault jig.

Vessels: Hobie Pro Angler 14, Trident 15, Scrambler

Tyrone Gyotoku

Tyrone “Fish Ninja” has been fishing his entire life since he could walk, fishing private boats to local half day all the way to longer multi-day trips. He was mostly saltwater fishing growing up but did a bit of freshwater as well.  However, his favorite will always be the ocean.  His favorite target species would consist of Yellowtail, Tuna and White Seabass.  “There is nothing like hunting offshore with no land in sight or sitting on the anchor at a local island waiting the Seabass or Yellows to swim through.”  “The ocean is where I find total peace.”

Favorite Products:  Tyrone’s favorite Ahi product would be the Ahi Live Deception Jigs due to the design and versatility in what they can be used for.  They work fantastic for everything from Rockfish to Offshore Pelagic Species.

Vessel: 23FT Seaswirl Striper

Ray Sharifi

Ray has been fishing since he was in diapers. He has always had a love for the sport and his passion for fishing grows more every time gets to cast a line.

He started a YouTube channel titled “Dirty Hookers,” around 3 years ago and it’s been a hobby of his ever since. Throughout the years he has learned that nearly 75% of everything he knows about fishing is thanks to YouTube. For this reason he saw it fit to share his knowledge and experience on the water with everyone as well. From tiny bluegill to giant bluefin, he targets it all and tries his best to bring his viewers along for the ride.


His favorite fish to target of all time is yellowtail. He believes that is what his YouTube Channel is most known for. Whether it is throwing surface irons for the visual bite or dropping and cranking away with a yo-yo iron or the Ahi USA Live Deception Jigs;  for him, it is one of the most exhilarating types of fishing and the hardest fighting fish pound for pound!


‘My “Dirty Hookers” YouTube channel has made me the fisherman I am today. I have learned a lot from my viewers, and try my best to help others with How-To’s, Tackle Tips, and much more informative videos. YouTube has also pushed me to go on as many fun fishing trips as possible in order to search for the good, epic, and crazy content that everyone wants to see!’

Make sure you check out Ray Sharifi’s “Dirty Hookers” YouTube Channel to  keep up with him and all his fishing adventures.

Bryce Carnehl

Landlocked in his youth, Bryce very much appreciated the times spent at county parks picking away at stocker trout and catfish; getting an invite from his Uncle to fish a ½-day boat out of Newport was just as great as Christmas morning. Drawn toward the ocean, he moved toward the coast during college and soon found sanctuary in the local Kayak fishing community. Learning quickly from his new found community, Bryce found that fishing wasn’t all about hook and line, and quickly fell in love with hooping. ‘Sharing a bounty of freshly caught lobster and crab with friends and family with all of the labor, stories, and smiles involved, drives me to continue to search for the next motherload hoop.’

Favorite Products:  Bryce’s favorite product is the Promar Ambush Hoop Net. “Ambush Hoop Nets increase my catch rate and are extremely easy to stack and store, while Seal Proof Bait Cages keep your bait secure from sea lions and other bait raiders. Also, never leave shore without an Ahi Sabiki Rod; they’re great for catching bait for both game fish and crustaceans.”

Vessel: Malibu X-Factor

Gene Gembarowski

Gene Gembarowski grew up in Seal Beach California. He has been fishing since the age of 10. While he likes all fishing, salt water fishing is his passion. Lobster Hooping is another hobby. He has fished on many 3 to 21 day fishing trips. His favorite place to fish would be the Clarion Islands. He has caught many 100-200lb tuna and wahoo here. Since starting his family, he mainly fishes Catalina and local halibut spots on his 21 ft. Triumph center console.  He is a framing contractor and has been in construction for over 30 years.

Favorite Products:  Gene’s favorite Promar product is the Ambush hoop net. However, he uses all of the Promar lobster fishing accessories when hoop netting.

Vessel: 21′ Triumph Center Console

Capt. Chris Bogseth & Left Coast Sportfishing

Captain and business owner, Chris Bogseth was born and raised in Laguna Niguel, CA. He grew up fishing out of Dana Point Harbor since the age of 4 years old. This early exposure led him to a life in and around the ocean resulting in over 25 years of experience fishing our local waters. Chris has experience working with local large sport fishing companies, aquariums, commercial fishing companies, and even has a B.S. in Marine Fisheries Biology giving him a diverse knowledge base to draw from. The company he created and runs is a culmination of knowledge and experience he has gained through a life of fishing on the Pacific Ocean.

You can find him at the dock in the harbor or on the water consistently putting clients on fish and sharing his vast knowledge of fishing the Pacific Ocean.

Vessel: 30′ Parker

Jeremiah Daluperit

Jeremiah aka Capt’n. Jeremiah has loved fishing ever since I he could walk. He has his grandparents and parents to thank for always taking him fishing and teaching him. He has fished everything from lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams across the lower states and back through the Midwest in search of the next monster fish. He even traveled to the Philippines to try his hand at some over seas fishing, that was a great learning experience. His real passion is the ocean having grown up in Huntington Beach, CA, he never missed a chance to fish. Jeremiah started his commercial lobster career at a very young age working with a small fleet out of mission bay San Diego. Now he spend his days teaching his daughters everything he knows. He doesn’t consider himself picky when it comes to fishing and fishe everything from shore to a float tube, to a rental boat, or his personal boat as well as charters.

Favorite Product: My go to products are as follows: for fishing anything with the Ahi USA stamp never disappoints; for crabbing and lobster I will always use the Ambush Series Hoops with Seal Proof Bait Tubes tied off with lead core line marked by Promar led glow sticks. Why settle for the rest when you can have the best is my motto.

Vessel: 22′ 1983 Reinell Beachcraft