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Sabo Squid Heads

Model# SHS

Sabo Squid Heads are a true squid imitator that offers realistic appearance and action fish can’t resist. Drop the Sabo Squid down and watch it work. Pop the rod tip up for realistic jigging action. Tuned action fins cause the lure to dodge and dart. Impact resistant outer shell features amazing squid-like detail and vibrant colors to suit a variety of baits and conditions. Laser sharp point assures a solid hook set. Rig with hoochies, skirts, plastic squids, or cut bait.

Additional Information

Available in five colors: Glow, Brown, Green, Pink, Blue

Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5 oz

Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine: Ahi Sabo Heads - Best New Saltwater Lures

West Coast Review: Ahi Sabo Heads are Lethal