20" Giant Squid Jig

Model# SJ-1000

Exclusively designed, this weighted squid jig was made for the monsters of the sea. Measuring 20” in length, it is armoured with 5 extra large razor sharp hooks on a one piece solid steel backbone. A large luminous glow-in-the-dark body and four sub-bodies makes this jig readily visible underwater. Weighs: 24 OZ

Additional Information

Fishing for Humboldt Squid

"There has been no greater producing lure or jig used to catch the Giant Squid on the Huli Cat. This is the only jig that can routinely be counted on to be dropped in 1000+ feet of water, hit the bottom and bring up the school. I highly recommend the Ahi SJ-1000 Giant Squid Jig. If you are not using one, you are not using the best jig out there today." -Capt. Tom Mattusch, Huli Cat